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About us

About us

Artisans Angkor – a social Business in Cambodia

Revitalizing Khmer craftsmanship

Since its creation, Artisans Angkor has been striving to preserve and promote Cambodian craftsmanship while alleviating poverty by providing professional skills and job opportunities to local rural youth. Today, we provide employment to about 1200 people, including over 800 artisans, in Siem Reap province.

Education at the core of our mission

As the offshoot of an educational project, Artisans Angkor has long been committed to the sharing of knowledge. We offer young rural people a free 6 to 9 months training course in the handicraft sector, including funding for living allowance. After this training period, all apprentices are guaranteed a steady job at Artisans Angkor if they are interested in joining the company.

Our artisans’ social benefits 

Being a social company means providing our employees with safe working conditions along with fair compensation packages. In this regard, our profits are reinvested in social advantages for all workers such as free access to healthcare, insurance and lifelong training, as well as in the construction of new workshops, which offer more employment opportunities. 

Authentic high-quality pieces

Over the years, Artisans has become a showcase of Khmer traditional handicrafts, whether it be silk fabrics, stone and wood carving, lacquerware, ceramics, silver plating or silk painting. Our Research & Development department endeavors to create original and contemporary designs that are deeply related to Cambodia’s culture.